Mike rocha's performance and recording gear

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Mike's favorite trumpet!

Mike's favorite flugelhorn!

Perfect for beginners!

Get your intonation together!!!

For classical playing

For lead playing

The best oil for daily use

For  older horns

Mike's favorite harmon mute!

Mike's favorite microphone for recording!

The quintessential cup mute sound!

Mike's favorite DAW for recording and editing!

The perfect pixie mute for all that plunger playing!

Mike's favorite piano for composing and practicing!

For more cup mute colors and textures, this is a must-have!

Mike's favorite stand for that piano to sit on!

Mike's favorite audio interface!

The absolute best plunger mute. Mike's secret!

Mike's favorite mono headphones for recording!


Mike's favorite stereo headphones for recording!

Great cables transmit great sound!